Sites and Soils

The basalt scree from the nearby old volcanic crater, Pechsteinkopf, was the eponym of this vineyard site. With an inclination of between 10 and 15% the Pechstein vineyard is situated at an altitude of 120-160 metres. Red sandstone sediments together with sandy clay, basalt scree and limestone determine the racy character of the Riesling wines produced here


The enjoyment of these Riesling wines begins with an almost unbelievably powerful yet delicate aroma of citrus fruits such as grapefruit and mandarins in harmony with nuances of basalt, spices and black chert. The structure is almost salty with an adequate mineral background. Its legendary acidity also determines the long aftertaste of these wines. A classy Riesling, best decanted before serving !

Ideal serving temperature: 10-14 °C